of Preferred Vendors 

The Fairy God Mother appeared before Cinderella just at the perfect moment and at the right time, it makes one wonder how did she know that Cinderella needed help ?knowing Cinderella she would've never asked for it! 

When everything couldn't get any worse for Cinderella, the Fairy God Mother came in fixed what need to be fixed and was able to give her a night filled with excitement & enchantment that prior Cinderella would've never known. 

Have you ever thought how could you make the MOST of your vacation even more exciting?  

We know what's it like getting prepared for that PERFECT vacation and sometimes along the way things can be forgotten. Wouldn't be great to have someone or many bodies getting you and the family prepared? 

Having a clean house, A mowed yard , A Chauffeured Van or Limo taking you and the family to the airport and picking you and your family up from a later flight so you'll have a safe trip home, Having your family pet well card for or Having a one-stop shop in preparation for your  "Dream Wedding"?

Well guess what ?

 It Can ! 

With our Preferred Vendors as they "Whistle While They Work" you can be rest assured that your task list doesn't have to take place once the vacation ends . 

Our guests who've travelled with us can attest to the "concierge" level of services that our preferred vendors have provided them and will for you.

How Fast Can You Say "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"? 

Power X 3 Cleaning & Maintenance

Jody and her team of "Fairy God Mother's" will come in and tidy up the place so that you don't have to. 

From a deep clean to even having the laundry done with clean sheets so you when you return home you'll have a MAGICAL night awaiting you and your family!

Let's give Jody a call at: 


GreAT Landscaping

Holly and her team are just like that of the Sev​en Dwarfs tackling projects from Spring/Fall Cleanups,Mulching, Weeding, Pruning, Mowing and Planting along with Hardscaping. 

No need to have a task list once you're home from a MAGICAL week away your outside chores will be done!

Let's give Holly a call at :


Unique Limousine


Tracy and her chauffeurs will make you and your family feel like royalty. 

They will kindly arrive at your door and see that you , your family and your luggage arrive safely at the airport & will be there at the airport to bring you all home safe and sound.

Let's give Tracy a call at :


more preferred vendors​

   Pet Sitting Services

Amanda Moyer of Barkery Delight Services has come HIGHLY recommended in caring for your family's pets along with providing security for home. 

She takes care of not only your dog or cat but has on occasion taken care of livestock and fowl. 

She will stay with the pet(s) providing them love and attention while you are vacationing giving you peace of mind. 

Let's give Amanda a call to set up a time so she can get acquainted with your family pet(s) at :




    Hair Salon & Spa

Everyone wants to look good before they head on vacation.


Whether its a NEW "do", a Mani/Pedi or Spa a day, preparing for your "self care" should start before the vacation begins.

Bev and her team of MAGICAL ladies from Headrush can perform some magic on any given day so you'll be ready for the magic!

Let's give Bev a call to schedule your next "self care" day!


  Photo Organizing

  We all have photos in storage that we know should protect but where to find the time ?  whether on our phones, laptops, shoeboxes, old albums or Memory Maker photos. We all have that same issue. 

Here, Kathy of FORVER has a GREAT digital photo organizing program that is designed to keep all your precious vacation memories stored safely so that they will be protected FOREVER for years and generations to come.

Let's give Kathy a call to schedule a zoom or phone call to get started at :


        RV Rental

For our guests who love th idea of possibly hitting the open road and camping in the GREAT outdoors especially in Walt Disney World, then look NO further as we have a GREAT preferred vendor with the owners of Florida Camper Rental.

They have been our Premier RV Rental company of our family for MANY years and I know you and your family will love them too!

Let's give Lauren & Will a call and schedule your next camping experience at :


     Wedding Services​

Martine Cajas Owner of Dream Weddings is devoted to inspiring couples in a way that surpasses the mere superficial.

It is the belief that a wedding celebration should be about much more than what is seen, it should be about what is felt.

Martine and his team aim to share the art and education that sincerely speaks to couples, enabling them to throw a celebration that shows the true beauty of their coming together.

Let's give Martine a call to schedule a zoom or phone call for your MAGICAL Day at :




We are excited and proud to announce that during COVID we added two NEW services that once travel comes back our guests will be ready to travel again with NO questions asked! 

We have partnered with PassportVisas Express who I have had the pleasure of knowing for MANY years. 

Thru our affiliate link we can now assist our guests in renewing their Passport and/or Visa Renewals or obtaining a NEW one.

Give Monica a call at :


Notary Services

Another service that we are excited 

to announce is one that will aide our 

guests is MANY ways and that is


Having my Notary Commission for 

25 yrs allows us to assist our guests 

and the General Public in Affidavits, 

POA's, Acknowledgements,

along with Travel Forms

and more.

Just another way of giving our guests 

peace of mind that when traveling

Making Magical Vacations Travel 

has all the bases 


Give Monica a call at 


To our dedicated preferred vendors we wish to say THANK YOU for making all of our guests who've utilized your services in the past dreams come true , you are truly Fairy God Mothers and for that we at Making Magical Vacations Travel are truly grateful! ~ Monica Forte CEO of Making Magical Vacations Travel