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How We Work:

                                             We are not travel agents. We are MAGICAL Specialists. 

                                                              Your Personal Travel Advisor!

My Specialists and I are quite a bit different in that we work for our clients in every aspect of the travel planning process. 

In order to maximize our time and yours along with our expertise, we follow a process with our clients to ensure that your travel needs and expectations are met. Because of our extensive years in the travel industry our services that we provide are not free as we'll explain below. 

The first step in the process once you have inquired about a trip is to set up either an in-person or phone consultation. (Due to COVID  at this time only phone and zoom conferences are being booked until further notice). This may be with one person or it may be multiple family members or friends. During this consultation, we want to get to know you and your travel style. We like to call it an "Interview Process" where both the specialist and the guest or guests will ask lots of questions and explain our planning process.

  • After the first step, we can determine if we will be a good fit for your travel needs. (PLEASE take a moment to read our previous guests' written "MAGICAL Thumbs Up Testimonials). If both parties agree to move forward we will present you with our services agreement and require a commitment consultation fee from you in moving forward. If multiple families or friends are going on your trip a service fee for each reservation will be charged. Along with any deposits required from the supplier and any travel insurance purchased at the time of booking. Our service fees are separate and are non-refundable.  
  • Why we charge a service fee? MANY travel agencies will say they work for FREE- however none of them do. Many will say that Disney, suppliers base their commission into the cost of your vacation and that's somewhat true... however we as travel professionals in the travel industry aren't guaranteed that you will travel on your vacation. When you pass the baton of planning the vacation to a travel specialist, we then make sure that your needs are met, when you don't have the time to do the planning yourself, we do all the work- emails/phone calls with suppliers and you , making reservations both dining and excursions, flights /rental car and ground transportation etc... As you are well aware its time consuming otherwise you would be doing it. We don't get paid any commission(s) until you travel and check out of the hotel/resort... Should your travel needs changes as they do and you either postpone or have to cancel your travel plans , are commissions aren't protected and the time for all the work we did do planning your magical vacation is now gone... During COVID when everything was halted and travel plans at that time stopped , all work up to the point was ready for families to enjoy themselves on their vacations , many suppliers did not protect commissions and travel specialists weren't paid a cent. Our agency was one of a very few that Pre-Covid did charge and still do charge service fees and your clients pay us knowing that we work for them, for 33 yrs we have being working on the side of all of our clients as their advocate when it comes to travel. Another reason we charge service fees is that travel agencies are known for being ghosted by potential clients looking to travel only to book their vacations with someone else or on their own once they have information that we took the time to gather for someone we thought was honest in their questions...Our clients who have booked with us know and understand the value in our knowledge we bring to them and the services we provide them as their personal travel advisor  if you're looking to ghost us , we aren't the agency for you.
  • Once you and multiple family or friends have contracted our services the second step begins as we start crafting together a detailed customized itinerary based on what was discussed during the consultation.) This will be presented to you and any multiple families and/or friends for review at multiple times throughout the planning process along with any amendments that can be done as needed until we have an itinerary that fulfills your travel wishes. 
  • The third step in the process is when we begin making reservations and recommendations specific to your trip. Whether they be dining, ground transfers, flight arrangements, magical experiences, etc.. We take care of all of the details. Final payment to the supplier will vary and is usually due anywhere from 6 months to 1 month prior to your departure date. (Note: Excursions may require payment at the time of booking.)
  • A few weeks prior to departure we will present you with your final documents, including all reservations and arrangements that have been made. Available to all of our guests while they are "actively traveling" is our personal -on-call service to you along with any multiple families and your friends during your vacation. 

                                                                                 Lost in the parks? 

                                                               What's there to do on board a cruise? 

                                                                             Have a quick question? 

                                                           Need the best route back to your resort hotel? 

With the close relationships we have with many multiple suppliers we can discuss with them if needed should any problem arise and will do our best to assist as much as possible.

If additional weeks or days need to be arranged to extend your vacation we will have to charge a separate fee per reservation as it will require more of our time to arrange excursions, dining, ground transfers, additions, flights, rooms/resorts, etc... 

Sometimes due to timing and how close we are to the original dates of travel, reservations may be hard to come by and book which will be out of our control. 

Upon your return, we will follow up with you to get your feedback and to discuss any future travel needs you may have.

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** DISCLAIMER - Please be advised that pricing and availability change day to day, and sometimes faster. Making Magical Vacations Travel is not liable if a consumer does not put a deposit down on a quote or service in a timely manner, and that room/flight/pricing is no longer available. Rooms etc. ARE NOT ON HOLD unless a deposit is made. **

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                                       "There's a "magic" in making a "magical"

                                    vacation and "magic" is what we do!"

                                                      ~ Monica